A seventeen year old running wild and free. A young girl with big dreams. A lady who wants to be remembered and appreciated. A performer so timid, yet full of energy. A person who wants to please people with whatever talent God has given her.

Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas #UST #USTET 💛 (at University of Santo Tomas)

"Everything I do will always be for Your greater Glory, Lord!"~
My last field trip was by far, THE best field trip ever. Conquered Mt. #Banahaw! 🙌 (at Mt. Banahaw)

Last night’s #OOTN during Ate Cambee’s Night in Vegas 🙈

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Ranting once again. I’m so sorry. (This will be short though, I believe)

Awhile ago, I decided to make s’mores for my family’s midnight snacks for the first time, (ironic in my part since I’m allergic to chocolate) even after everything they have done since idk the moment I was born? And I just wanted them to appreciate the little things I do for them.

They liked them, I guess. But the events that happened are quite crappy. I did my waiting and I tried to be productive. I ate for the sake of letting you see me eat, even though I was quite bloated already. And all I get is crap in return.

$#!+ when will this end.

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Lessons Learned from Frozen:
Running away is not always the correct response. When you run from a situation, it’s only a matter of time before it backfires and the thing you fear comes to life.

As frightening as it may be, your best option would be to confront the reason you’re running. In Elsa’s case, if she told Anna why she didn’t want to be near, because she’s harmed her in the past and is afraid to do it again, Anna may be more inclined to back off when asked. 

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original watercolour post by smi13whenithurts | tumblr